When you get E442 Office Apps powered by Microsoft Office 365, you’re getting all of your key IT services from one provider. This includes email, phones, collaboration, security and more. All with just one bill and one point of support.

Get the essential productivity tools

Word®. Excel®. PowerPoint®. Outlook®. These four applications are among the most essential tools of modern business.

With E442 Office Apps powered by Microsoft Office 365™, you get your essential productivity tools from the same provider that delivers your email, phones and other key services—with just one bill.

Ease deployment and reduce licensing headaches

E442 Office Apps is offered on a subscription basis.  You can buy it for all users or just a few.  Available as a download, it’s quick and easy to deploy, even if you have remote employees or satellite offices.  Best of all, you’ll get access to new versions of Office as soon as they’re released.

What you get with Office Apps

  • Desktop application subscriptions of Microsoft Office for Mac and PC. The familiar desktop applications you’ve always used to grow your business.
  • Office online. Web versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook so you can be productive from any web browser.
  • Office mobile. Mobile versions of Microsoft Office products, including iPad®, iPhone®, Windows Phone® and Android™