E442.COM SmartConferencing is the simple, low-cost way to hold phone conferences, accelerate decisions and avoid business travel.

E442.COM SmartConferencing service lets you get everyone you need on the same line at the same time.


With crystal-clear voice quality, SmartConferencing is perfect for scheduled calls as well as spur-of-the-moment gatherings. And with toll-free access available for participants and online administration for hosts, conference calling has never been easier.

Get your personal toll-free conferencing number within minutes!

  • Hold conferences from ANY phone (you’re not restricted to a dedicated line)
  • Each conference call can include a private, unique toll-free call-in number
  • Web-based call management makes it simple to schedule calls
  • No contracts required

Professional call features keep your meetings productive

  • Separate host and guest codes let you stay in control
  • Listen-only codes to limit the number of speakers
  • Conference calls can be recorded for reviewing, downloading, and sharing

Plan ahead or hold ad-hoc calls

  • Run up to 30 simultaneous scheduled conferences and 3 simultaneous reservationless conferences
  • Gather up to 25 people without a reservation
  • Gather up to 100 people on a scheduled phone conference
  • Early arrival/Green Room waiting relieves pressure from the host to show up early